Social Media Ecologies
University of Bayreuth, Summer semester 2011
Instructor: Dr Maria Engberg (engbergmaria @

We are using this wiki to gather online (and some offline) material for the Social Media Ecologies course. You can all add material, links, information.
For the presentations I will ask you to add your material here too (under the page Presentations). The Material page has links and pdfs of all reading & viewing material for the course seminars and lectures.

The course is devoted to media theories and studies in relation to the recent developments of social media.
We will study social media phenomena and themes ranging from cultural to corporate concerns, from art to games. We will address important issues that permeate social digital media networks today, and to get a historical understanding of media changes. The course also offers practical engagement with social media platforms, and in-class discussions about dimensions of social media from the point of view of cultural exchange, personal and professional networking, and corporate strategy.

As part of the course, you will study one particular social media platform or service, individually or in groups, and present your findings in oral presentations at the end of the course. You may want to concentrate on a particular issue, question or problem that you find interesting for your future work, or within the scope of the course.
In addition, there will be a written essay as final examination, on any topic related to the course that you are particularly interested in. The essay should refer to secondary material, either course material or other material that you find.

  • Oral presentation: Group or individual work, presented orally (in German or English). Please add the material (sites, information about articles etc) to the Presentations-page of this wiki
  • Individual written essay: (in German or English) Deadline: September 30,12:00 (noon). Circa 10-15 pages + bibliography.